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Foot Care & Hand Care Services

Your feet and hands should look impressive. That's why we are here to help you with what we do best.

Exceptionally Awesome Foot Care at Pleiades Spa

Put the most impressive high-heel sandals on and walk with confidence!
Your feet are more than important for your body's health and they are also very effective in your appearance. Feet with good shapes, correctly cut nails and soft heels are healthier, make you feel more comfortable, give you better psychological manner and exceptionally added confidence once you have no socks, walk with sandals outside, go to parties with high heels or to the beach with flip-flops.

Have an eye on health prospects, too. You may suffer a great deal of pain walking with the nails which are not cut in correct way. So for healthier and more beautiful feet, simply book an appointment with us and let us take care of them.

Premium Hand Care at Pleiades Spa

Your nice hands give your nice character a stylish look!
Taking care of your hands beauty is not so easy as just making them look nice. They must receive the treatment using greatest materials which are maintained in the most correct way and they also must be used with proper amounts in each stage of the treatment.
You should do this with someone serious and experienced in hands care, who is picky about the materials to use and has high quality equipments.

Looking for any of these beauty services

in Port Moody, Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam?

As you see, to receive an affordable and high-quality beauty service, nowhere is more reliable than Pleiades Spa

Working hours: Monday through Saturday 10AM - 7PM

Once it comes to beauty and health, only the best is good enough to be choice of Pleiades Spa

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Pleiades Spa

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