Hand Care


Hand Care

"Your nice hands give your nice character a stylish look!"
Taking care of your hands beauty is not so easy as just making them look nice. They must receive the treatment using greatest materials which are maintained in the most correct way and they also must be used with proper amounts in each stage of the treatment.
You should do this with someone serious and experienced in hands care, who is picky about the materials to use and has high quality equipments.
Hand Care services at Pleiades Spa are:
  • Manicure - $38
  • French Manicure - $43
  • Nail Art - $7

Interested in Hand Care services?

The best place to take care of it, is definitely Pleiades Spa

We'll be happy to welcome you to our place in Coquitlam. Simply book an appointment or contact us for further information about this service.

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